13.06.2022: Contribution for the OHBM in Glasgow of our team:
"White matter integrity of right anterior insula tract is associated with disgust recognition following stroke" by Klepzig et al.

"Processing speed and white matter damage in multiple sclerosis" by Grothe et al.

26.04.2022: New Review in "The Journal of Pain about 20 years of Graded Motor Imagery Therapy in CRPS: Moseley G.L., Lotze M. (2022) Clinical and neurophysiological effects of progressive movement imagery training for pathological pain, in press.

13.04.2022: New article about tickling and speech arrest in Philosophical Transactions Biological Sciences: Westermann B., Lotze M., Varra L., Versteeg N., Domin M., Nicolet L., Obrist M., Klepzig K., Marbot L., Lämmler L., Fiedler K., Wattendorf E. (2022) When laughter arrests speech: fMRI-based evidence.

7.2.22: New Contribution on fMRI in borderline syndrome: in Frontiers Human Neuroscience, section: Cognitive Neuroscience; Bernheim D, Buchheim A , Domin M, Mentel R, Lotze M. (2022) Neural correlates of attachment representation in patients with Borderline Personality Disorder using a personalized fMRI task.

During observation of monadic pictures with personalized sentences BPD patients showed
increased fMRI-activation in the anterior medial cingulate cortex (aMCC) and thalamus.

3.1.22: New Contribution in epidemiologic imaging: Hosten et al., contributers from our group: Domin M., Lotze M. (2022); Ship-MR and Radiology: 12 Years of Whole-body Magnetic Resonance Imaging in a Single Center. Healthcare 10 (1), 33.

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