Upcoming talks:
11.1.24: 17.15 Uhr; München; Seminar TUM School of Medicine and Health; Neuroimaging in Chronic Pain (M. Lotze)
18.1.24: Kiel Workshop: Die Macht des Bildes für das Verstehen von und den Umgang mit chronischem Schmerz; 10 -11Uhr;
Bildgebende Verfahren und Bild-Vermittlung bei chronisch Schmerzerkrankten (M. Lotze)

11.23: Monday noon lab meeting

10.2023: New publication from Hilbert K. und Lueken U. with our contribution entitled: "Cortical and subcortical brain alterations in specific phobia and its animal and blood-injection-injury subtypes: a mega-analysis from the ENIGMA-Anxiety Working Group" accepted in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

Mini Workshop: Neurorehabilitation and Multiple Sclerosis; Imaging Research; 15-16. August 2023: organized by Matthias Grothe (Neurology Greifswald) and Guy Nagels (Vrije University, Brüssel):
talks by Matthias Grothe, Martin Lotze, Pavel Hok, Delphine Van Laethem, Stijn Denissen and Guy Nagels.

OHBM Montreal 22-26 July 2023:
contributions from our group have been accepted for presentation;
"Biomarkers for chronic pain: a VBM study in a population-based cohort" by Neumann et al.,
"White matter integrity and chronic post-stroke upper limb function: An ENIGMA Stroke analysis" by Domin et al.,
"Functional and structural connectivity in complex regional pain syndrome: a multicentric study" by Hok et al.

5.7.23: AI-algorithm differentiates male and female brains with 92% correctness even if groups are balanced for brain size. New article in Neuroimage Reports entitled: "Classifying sex with volume-matched brain MRI".  
link for open access article:

27.6.23: Accepted Manuscript in "Brain Sciences": One year of outpatient dialectical behavioral therapy and its impact on neuronal correlates of attachment representation in patients with borderline personality disorder using a personalized fMRI task. Authors: Flechsig A.*, Bernheim D. *, Buchheim A., Domin M., Mentel R., Lotze M.
link for pdf:

26.6.23: Accepted Manuscript in Stroke: White matter integrity and chronic post-stroke upper limb function: An ENIGMA Stroke Recovery analysis. by Domin M., Hordacre B, Hok P, 17 authors, Lotze M. (2023)

23.6.23: Accepted manuscript in Frontiers Physiology: The role of ipsilateral motor network in upper limb movement; by: Ding H., Seusing N., Nasseroleslami B., Anwar A.R., Strauss S., Lotze M., Grothe M., Groppa S., Muthuraman M.

7.6.23: Forschung vernetzt_Krupp Kolleg Greifswald; link:

6.6.23: Acceptance of our study on overlapping grey matter alterations across different pain conditions by the European Journal of Pain. Authors: Neumann N., Domin M., Schmidt C.O., Lotze M. entitled: Chronic pain is associated with less gray matter volume in the anterior cingulum, anterior and posterior insula and hippocampus across three different chronic pain conditions.

fMRI-Symposium Olmütz/Tschechien from 30-31.3.2023:
"fMRI of emotional processing, control and its impact on pain chronicity and impairments in social interaction" (M. Lotze); "Interhemispheric parietal cortex connectivity reflects improvement in post-stroke spasticity due to treatment with botulinum toxin-A" (Pavel Hok) and "Biomarkers of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Revisited: A Bicentric Study" (Pavel Hok)

22.3.23: Acceptance of the manuscript for Brain Communications entitled: Structural integrity of the insula and emotional facial recognition performance following stroke by Kai Klepzig, Martin Domin, Julia Wendt, Bettina von Sarnowski, Alexander Lischke, Alfons O. Hamm and Martin Lotze.

2.3.23: New manuscript accepted in the European Journal of Neurology entitled Modulation of bodily response to chill stimuli by impaired structural connectivity of the left insula- a functional and lesion quantification study in stroke patients. by Witt L.*, Klepzig K.*, von Sarnowski B., Horn U., Domin M., Hamm A., Lotze M. (*equal contribution).
Figure: Integrity of left ventral anterior structural connectivity (diffusion weighted tractography using fractional anisotropy quantification)
was related to bodily response during aversive chill processing in patients following stroke around the insula.

13.2.23: New manuscript accepted in the Journal of the Neurological Sciences entitled: Interhemispheric parietal cortex connectivity reflects improvement in post-stroke spasticity due to treatment with botulinum toxin-A by Veverka T., Hok P., Trnečková M., Otruba P., Zapletalová J., Tüdös Z., Lotze M., Kaňovský P., Hluštík P.

11.2.23: New manuscript with contributions of our group in Neurology by Liew S-L, several other coauthors including Domin M., Lotze M., and Thompson P.T. (2023) Association of brain age, lesion volume, and functional outcome in patients with stroke.

11.1.23: New statistical Review on conjunctions of functional imaging maps induced by fear conditioning and vestibular stimulation accepted in the Journal of Neurology entitled: Common neural correlates of vestibular stimulation and fear learning: an fMRI meta-analysis, von Neumann N., Fullana MA., Radua J., Brandt T., Dieterich M., Lotze M.

21.12.22: Testing VIDA BOLD Multiband 70 volumes; 2*2*2mm resolution for the standard fist clenching task:
red: right hand; blue: left hand.

2.12.2022 New publication for CRPS: Thoma P, Drämel N., Grothe M., Lotze M., Fleischmann R., Strauss S (2022) Impaired pain processing on a brainstem level as potential electrophysiological biomarker in patients with complex regional pain syndrome. in press in Molecular Neurobiology.

22.11.2022: New 3T MRTs: Skyra and Vida
(Photo by R. White)

28.09.2022: Our study was selected as Cover Art in "The Journal of Pain"

When laughter arrests speech: fMRI-based evidence; by Westermann, 3 members of our team and Wattendorf; published on 23.9.22 in Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B; link for open access:

20.9.22: New article: Grothe M., Jochem K., Strauss S., Kirsch M., Hoffeld K., Penner I-K., Nagels G., Klepzig K., Domin* M., Lotze* M. (2022) Performance in information processing speed is associated with superior parietal tract integrity in multiple sclerosis. Frontiers Neurology, in press.

Association of parietal integrity (SLF mask see glass brain left) and SDMT (cognitive velocity; plot right) in a group of Multiple Sclerosis patients

19.9.22: New article: Sometimes I feel the fear of uncertainty: How intolerance of uncertainty and trait anxiety impact fear acquisition, extinction and the return of fear.
Share-link valid for 50days:

25.8.22: New contribution for "Healthcare": Lotze M., Domin M., Langner S., Platz T. (2022) Functional MRI in radiology – a personal review. Healthcare, in press.

27.6.2022: New article in "Psychology of Music" entitled: "Written in the Face? Facial Expressions during Pleasant and Unpleasant Chills" by Klepzig K., Stender K., Lotze M., Hamm, A.

Left: Intensity of chills evoked by sound/drums was larger than intensity of chills during music presentation. Middle: sketch illustrating localisation of zygomaticus electrodes. Right: Zygomatic EMG activity was more increased during sounds/drums when chills were reported compared to absent chills.

26.6.2022: New article in NeuropImage Clinical: Swallowing function in the chronic stage following stroke is associated with white matter integrity of the callosal tract between the interhemispheric S1 swallowing representation areas by Domin M., Mihai G.P., Platz T., Lotze M.
article download link:

Left: Figure depicting the swallowing representation masks derived from the DTI of the Brainnetome Atlas (precentral yellow; postcentral: blue) and the DTI of healthy participants (precentral: pink; postcentral: green) from our collective. Both masks show considerable overlay. Right: Patients with dysphagia; association of fractional anisotropy and recovered swallowing performance for both A: postcentral and B: precentral gyrus.

13.06.2022: Contribution for the OHBM in Glasgow of our team:
"White matter integrity of right anterior insula tract is associated with disgust recognition following stroke" by Klepzig et al.

"Processing speed and white matter damage in multiple sclerosis" by Grothe et al.

26.04.2022: New Review in "The Journal of Pain" about 20 years of Graded Motor Imagery Therapy in CRPS: Moseley G.L., Lotze M. (2022) Clinical and neurophysiological effects of progressive movement imagery training for pathological pain, in press.

13.04.2022: New article about tickling and speech arrest in Philosophical Transactions Biological Sciences: Westermann B., Lotze M., Varra L., Versteeg N., Domin M., Nicolet L., Obrist M., Klepzig K., Marbot L., Lämmler L., Fiedler K., Wattendorf E. (2022) When laughter arrests speech: fMRI-based evidence.

7.2.22: New Contribution on fMRI in borderline syndrome: in Frontiers Human Neuroscience, section: Cognitive Neuroscience; Bernheim D, Buchheim A , Domin M, Mentel R, Lotze M. (2022) Neural correlates of attachment representation in patients with Borderline Personality Disorder using a personalized fMRI task.

During observation of monadic pictures with personalized sentences BPD patients showed
increased fMRI-activation in the anterior medial cingulate cortex (aMCC) and thalamus.

3.1.22: New Contribution in epidemiologic imaging: Hosten et al., contributers from our group: Domin M., Lotze M. (2022); Ship-MR and Radiology: 12 Years of Whole-body Magnetic Resonance Imaging in a Single Center. Healthcare 10 (1), 33.

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