29.5.24: Verteidigung der Promotion von Janina Dammann zur Studie der Angstkomponente bei TMD und dem Einfluss einer DIR-Schienentherapie.

21.5.24: New accepted paper from the Enigma Pain Network: "ENIGMA-Chronic Pain: a worldwide initiative to identify brain correlates of chronic pain" in Pain

20.5.24: New accepted paper from the Panic Network: "Elevated Accuracy in Recognition of Subliminal Happy Facial Expressions in Patients with Panic Disorder after Psychotherapy" in Frontiers in Psychiatry

18.5.24: New acceptance of a group study: "Lack of evidence for predictive utility from resting state fMRI data for individual exposure-based cognitive behavioral therapy outcomes: a machine learning study in two large multi-site samples in anxiety disorders" in Neuroimage

13.5.24: Just accepted by Experimental Brain Research: "The excitability of ipsilateral motor evoked potentials is not task-specific and spatially distinct from the contralateral motor hotspot" by Seusing et al.

24.4.24: Just accepted by Molecular Pschiatry: Altered cortical synaptic lipid signaling leads to intermediate phenotypes of mental disorders; by Tüscher, Muthuram and Horstmann et al.

Sinfonie der Synapsen: Bericht zu unserer Arbeit zur Handschrift beim kreativen Schreiben unter: www.leuchtturm1917.de/wnt-interview/ep4-martinlotze/

4.24: Neues Neurorehaheft zur Schmerzverarbeitung mit einem Übersichtsartikel von M. Lotze

26.3.24: New accepted manuscript in PLosOne entitled Down-modulation of functional ventral striatum activation for emotional face stimuli in patients with insula damage by Klepzig K., Domin M., von Sarnowski B., Lischke A., Lotze M.

25.3.24: New accptance in NeuroImage for our review paper entitled "Emotional processing impairments in patients with insula lesions following stroke"

Schematic illustration of representation maxima in the human insula obtained by metaanalyses on fMRI-studies: Kurth et al., 2010: Somatosensory (blue), Motor (red), Attention (yellow); Belussi et al., 2020: Empathy (light green); Fullana et al., 2016: fear conditioning (dark green).

26.2.24: Paper accepted from our Temperomandibular Disorder group in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation entitled: Pain, stress and anxiety in temperomandibular disorders were affected by maxillar splints. by Klepzig K., Wendt J., Teusch L., Rickert C., Kordaß B., Lotze M.

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