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Obese children and the influence of sport
Heinz Lauffer, Sabine Davids, Michael Schmidt, Katrin Thoms, Martin Jagdhuhn, Holger Hirschfeld, Martin Domin, Alfons Hamm, Martin Lotze

Our project was honored with the prevention award of the German Adipositas Society 2013.

We have investigated two different groups of children in an fMRI study. One group consisted of 22 obese and the other one composed 22 normal weight children. During the fMRI scanning both groups observed different pictures, which were taken from the IAPS- images. These comprised pictures of food, people who do sports, pleasant and neutral pictures. Besides that, peripheral physiology reactions were evaluated post-hoc. During food stimuli, overweight children showed an increased activation of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC), a decrease of the heart rate and a correlation with negative self-esteem.
We concluded that the increased DLPC-activation of the overweight children is associated with a higher inhibition of the food stimuli. In addition, we investigated how these reactions changed after a sport therapy over few weeks.

Left: increased activation of the DLPFC by the overweight children during food stimuli
Right: DLPFC activation in the different subject groups during the neutral images and the pictures, which show food.

Kinder M.*, Lotze M.*, Davids S., Domin M., Thoms K., Wendt J., Hirschfeld H., Hamm A., Lauffer H. (2014) Imaging in obese children responding to long-term sports therapy. Behavioral Brain Research, 272C:25-31. (equal contribution)
Davids S., Lauffer H., Thoms K., Jagdhuhn M., Hirschfeld H., Domin M., Hamm A, Lotze M. (2009) Increased dorsolateral prefrontal cortex activation in obese children during observation of food stimuli. Int J. of Obesity 34: 94-104.