New article 12/2018: in Scientific Reports: The Sexual Dimorphism of Local Gray Matter: Novel findings from 2,838 Adult Brains. from Lotze M., Domin M., Gerlach F.H., Gaser C., Luders E., Schmid C.O., Neumann N. doi.org/10.1038/s41598-018-38239-2


New article 11/2018: Frontiers in Neurology, section Stroke; Arm Ability Training (AAT) promotes dexterity recovery after a stroke – a review of its design, clinical effectiveness and the neurobiology of the actions; Thomas Platz and Martin Lotze

31.10.18: New study on circumscribed atrophy in aging participants who perform less sports than others: Eyme KM., Domin M., Gerlach F., Hosten N., Schmidt CO., Gaser C., Flöel A., Lotze M. (2018) Physically active life style is associated with increased grey matter brain volume in a medial parieto-frontal network; Behavioral Brain Research, in press.


21.9.18: Lotze M., Roschka S., Domin M., Platz T. (2018) Predicting training gain for a three week period of arm ability training in the subacute stage after stroke. Frontiers Neurology/Stroke Front. Neurol. 9:854.


7.7.18: FENS Berlin: K. Klepzig, J. Dammann, E. Schenkenberger, B. Kordass, M. Lotze. Changes in trait anxiety in patients with craniomandibular disorder (CMD) are associated with decrease in anterior insula fMRI-activation during occlusion. Poster

17.6.18: OHBM Singapure: Pfannmöller J, Strauß S, Langner I, Usichenko T, Lotze M. Multi-Modal Investigation of the Reduced Sensorimotor Performance in Unilateral CRPS I Patients. Poster

12.6.18: Review on resting state biomarkers for pain chronification in Brain and Cognition:

Resting-State Biomarkers for Chronic Pain - A Network View; Authors: Jörg Pfannmöller and Martin Lotze

11.6.18: New article on DTI and iuvenile epilespsy: Domin M., Bartels S., Geithner J., Wang I., Runge U., Grothe M., Langner S., von Podewils F. (2018) Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy shows potential structural white matter abnormalities: a TBSS study. Front Neurol. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2018.00509

4.4.2018: New Publication on expertise research using VBM: Neumann N, Domin M, Erhardt K, Lotze, M (2018) Voxel-based morphometry in creative writers: Gray-matter increase in a prefronto-thalamic-cerebellar network. European Journal of Neuroscience, in press.

22.1.2018: Contribution for the ENIGMA-Project entitled "Structural brain abnormalities in the common epilepsies assessed in a worldwide ENIGMA study" which just came out in BRAIN 2018: 141; 391–408.

3.1.2018: New article about cerebral representation of mental training of finger sequencing in HBM: Lebon F., Horn U., Domin M., Lotze M. (2018) Motor imagery training: kinesthetic imagery strategy and inferior parietal fMRI activation. Human Brain Mapping, in press.